Thursday, September 2, 2010

This just in...

August 10, 2010. (yes, it's pretty obvious I am really far behind in blogging)

Breaking news from Central Ohio: This just in. We have reports that Oliver has taken a bite of a green bean, chewed and yes, it appears that he has swallowed it. Wait, there's more. They are telling me that he picked up another and ate it too. It truly is a miracle. This day needs to be noted on calendars forever as the day that Oliver actually ate a vegetable. We will continue to report any new breaking news, perhaps broccoli or asparagus, as it comes to us. We now continue your regularly scheduled program. Thank you and good night.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Seriously people, this is noteworthy. This child, since he graduated from purees, would not touch a veggies, no matter the color or consistency or flavor (sweet, savory)... the moment it hit his tongue it was back out again. No matter what. Even if it was hiding in something, he'd be chewing, make a face and out would come the lone tiny hidden chunk of veggie. That said, he still hasn't detected it in the smoothies, popsicles and ice cream. About six months ago he started eating raw baby carrots randomly. Now this? Okay, okay, we called them "green fries." What? It worked. They were fresh so I kept them long. It's not even like he gets fries often and if he does they are ones I make myself and bake. But, it seemed to work. He ate maybe ten. The next week he ate three servings of "yellow fries"... er beans. And about a week ago he insisted on eating green beans raw as I was prepping them. Of course, it's not consistent. He doesn't always eat them... but three times in a month is more than none in two years. And to that I say: woo hoo!

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