Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A progressive birthday celebration

Collin and Oliver turned three on Saturday August 14th. I can't even believe it's been three years. I am sure I just blinked my eyes and three years passed. I need it to slow down... S.L.O.W. way down.

We couldn't seem to get everyone together at once to come celebrate, even as pea sized as our family is, so we did mini-celebrations, starting with Aunt Krissy at the end of July. On their birthday, we celebrated with them in the morning with their favorite breakfast: whole wheat blueberry oatmeal flax seed pancakes. They LOVE these, really Steve can attest, and there is no way I would make them otherwise because they take forever to make. Then we opened gifts. Here are some highlights:


Binoculars, lanterns, wedgits (love these things), talking trains and of course, silly bandz.

And, the time had come for them to have their own capes and masks, just like the one we got Ethan two years ago:
The superhero stance.

Look at Oliver's face!

Collin wasn't so sure about his cape... the tag bothered him.

Getting down with their build your own saxophone (another blowing toy good for Apraxic kids).

Collin doing what Collin loves to do, stand on his head.

It's on!

After icing their cake and putting the icing away, I turned to see the above pictured suspect grin... and this is what that was about...

Yep, trying to lick the cake.

Grandma Dee arrived at lunchtime and we took them out to lunch to celebrate. We actually had the wait staff sing happy birthday to them, which was so fun. Collin was really not sure about that many strangers singing to him (that's intimidating to him, not sure if it's part of the sensory issues he has), but Oliver was ALL smiles enjoying it thoroughly. Collin's fussing didn't last long when he saw the warm chocolate cookies though! They both loved them!
Bad camera photos:

Their big gift from Grandma Dee - their very first scooters! It was raining so they rode them around inside. They love them!

Grandma Dee and her grandsons.
Time for cake!
Blowing out the candles. It's funny, Oliver blows through clinched teeth and Collin sticks his lips way out and blows. They are just so cute!

Then on Sunday, Grandma Kathy, Uncle Ben and cousin Samantha came over for a little birthday celebration.
Their favorite thing was the music cards. Collin's was Spiderman and Oliver's was Batman. They are still playing them constantly!

Samantha, Uncle Ben, Ethan, Grammy Kathy, Oliver and Collin... in one of 200 shots to try to get everyone looking and smiling.

Next, that same afternoon, we had their neighbor friends over for some celebrating and neighborhood fun.
Homemade banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (yum!), surrounded by silly bandz.

Collin was not too sure about everyone singing. Sometimes he is fine, sometimes he is not.

Enjoying their cupcakes and ice cream with friends... trauma from singing long forgotten.

"Hello doctor... I think there is something wrong with my mom. In one weekend I got cookies, cake, cupcakes and ice cream... the real kind, not that stuff with hidden vegetables and no sugar that she normally feeds us. What? Yes it was my birthday. That's it? Hmmm... how can I arrange to have this birthday thing every weekend?"

They had a wonderful birthday weekend surrounded by family and friends!

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture of them blowing out the candles! Sounds like an jam packed weekend.

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