Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kindergarten soft start

As I mentioned, Friday August 27th was a day of double excitement for Ethan - the tooth fairy paid her first visit and kindergarten soft start. Soft start, in case you are wondering, is just like it sounds, a way to work kids into school easily rather than throw them in. Four days before school started they had only five kids go to class each day, Ethan's day was Friday. It also started 10 minutes later and we were to drive them (no bus rides). The parents got to go through their morning routines with them, which consisted of checking their mail, putting their backpack in their lockers, getting their water bottle and going to their desks (I think that is all... I lost track, there was a lot!). We also helped them make name tags, checked names, found his desk, got familiar with the room and located the bathroom (in the classroom - excellent). Then the parents left and they learned a little of what they would do every day.

We started the day with a special mommy and Ethan breakfast, which we don't get to do often, at Ethan's favorite morning spot - Panera. He also picked out a pastry for his teacher, all by himself and after some consideration (read: going up and down the case surveying and seemingly mentally mulling it over), an apple danish. Now that's a one up on the age old apple gift!

Ethan was super excited to be there and unlike preschool, when it was time for me to go, he gave me the "see ya later mom" quick brush off (ouch!). For that matter, so did his teacher who was dropping soft hints like "such a big day, can't wait to get started" and "wow, look at the time." Since I was in my own little world, taking in this big moment, it took some stronger ones to get me to even notice I was the LAST parent left in the room. I think they need a soft start day for parents too.

When I picked him up, he was all smiles. He told me they read, visited each of their classroom centers (drama, science, art, etc.), helped a little girl who was really shy, colored and generally had a great time. "I can't wait to start next week!"

My baby looking all grown up.

At the school, outside the doors, with his water bottle, apple danish and smile all ready to start!

At his desk coloring when I picked him up.

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