Friday, September 3, 2010

National Day Out

Our local police and fire department did a GREAT job coordinating/organizing our National Day Out. We went with all our neighbor friends and the kids had a great time! There was a highway patrol helicopter which they all were able to get in.

A band that they danced to.Lots of games with cool prizes (like candy... Ethan somehow ate his before I even found out that was the prize).

Police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, smoke houses (fire simulations), and much more.

There was also free food... of the cookout variety. Ethan and his friends had their food before I even got up there with the twins. Ethan's selection: hot dog, potato chips, cookie and slushy blue/red slushy thing. Hmmmm. I got the twins a hot dog, pretzels and a cookie. They ate the pretzels until they saw Ethan with chips... then it was over. They actually only ate the cookie and chips. Nutritious!
Collin hitched himself with Ms. Judy (Ms. Oody as Collin says) when she went to get food for herself. She said he begged for food saying how hungry he was, so guess what she got. When he got back to the playground he promptly and quietly started shoving them in before I saw him. He actually also invited Oliver over for some, very rare for either of them to share such delicacies.

Then Homemade brand ice cream was there, so they got ice cream too.

It was a great time!

That night, Ethan was telling us his belly hurt. He said, looking at his belly, "belly, I am so sorry... I am not going to feed you that much junk food again." (it was true, his belly is not used to that much junk) I had a mix of silent laughter and skepticism.

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