Saturday, September 11, 2010

The first tooth fairy visit...

Ethan lost his first tooth (bottom right) on Thursday August 26th, the night before his kindergarten soft start (it was a night of much excitement). He actually lost it at soccer practice while running on the field, and playing with it with his tongue. When he got home he had to call a bunch of family to announce the major event. (so cute!)

Though it's been loose a while, so it was not a complete shocker, both the tooth fairy and I were not at all prepared. I didn't have a special container or tradition figured out, or anything. Luckily I remembered a special gift that Ethan had gotten when he was born, from the hospital, that contained a silver velvet lined tooth holder (along with holders for birth certificate and hair from his first haircut). He loved it and was very excited to put his tooth in and tuck it under his pillow.

Fortunately, I was home in the morning since I was taking him to his soft start so I got to be there when he woke up. Yea!!!! (Another first that I was very excited to be there for... so glad I didn't miss it. I rushed in his room with camera and video in hand when I heard him up and moving.)

There was cash and a book, along with a glittery letter from the tooth fairy.
The glitter didn't look as bad as it does here... um... sort of. It was late and what the tooth fairy envisioned it to look like and what it looked like were two different things... er... so she told me.

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Fred Collinsworth said...

It's during these moments that parents would utter the words "they grow up so fast" or something like that. When you look back at this, you're going to remember the good ol' days when he still had his baby teeth on. Anyway, that tooth must have been reeeeally wiggly for it to fall out when Ethan was playing with it. Congratulations on your first tooth fairy visit Ethan!

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