Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The day of firsts...

Wednesday September 1st was the boys day of big firsts. First day for all of them to ride a bus (to school). Ethan's first day of kindergarten and Collin and Oliver's first day of preschool. Wow. All the boys were very excited about this day, Ethan probably the most because he really understood it.

The only group shot that was somewhat successful before school.

I took the day off and Steve stayed home in the morning for the bus. The morning went well except for a small accident in the morning that caused some tears and hurt feelings. There was much excitement at the bus stop that morning and a couple neighbors (whose kids weren't in school and not in our school) came out to cheer the kids for their first day. So sweet!

At the bus stop. The only shot with Collin.

Christopher hugging Ethan... both very excited about school. Where's Collin?

There he is..

Ethan and his friend Christopher were pumped to get on the bus. Oliver was too. Collin, on the other hand, was not.

We did get him in, but he was the one that cried when they pulled away (he had the window seat - his preference always). It was hard to see. It was hard too because the other two were very excited. So, I did what any other (crazy) mom would do, I got in my car and followed the bus. Oh yes, I did. Traffic got in the way (it was not pretty... meaning my stress and mouth) and I lost them. However when I got to Ethan's school I was at least able to see him and Christopher lined up outside waiting to go in. Both wearing HUGE smiles.

Ethan is on the end, Christopher is in front of him. Ethan's teacher is next to him.

I then rushed over to the twins' school, which is not close, and hit TONS of traffic. Tons. By the time I got to the parking lot, I could see the bus pulling away. Oliver was standing there holding someone's hand while she spoke to another person. I couldn't see Collin anywhere at first, then there he was darting into my view (I was too out of range for him to see me). And then there behind him a lady chasing him. Collin... He went limp on her. Collin... She ended up getting a big male to help her. Collin... And that was all I saw.

Here comes Collin, on the run. I had to duck down just in case, since he came into open space view.

When I got home, worried about how the twins were doing, my cell phone rang. It was Ms. Cathy, their bus driver. W.O.W. Seriously, wow. Apparently she asked for my phone number so she could tell me how they did. W.O.W. As it turns out, Collin stopped crying before they got out of the neighborhood (which wasn't very long). He fussed a few times before they got to Ethan's school. When Ethan got off the bus, in big brother fashion, he reassured them they would be okay and he would see them on the bus later (*sniff* what a big boy thing to do). She said Oliver's face completely seized up into full heartbreak and Collin started whine crying. Ms. Cathy said she started reassuring them and the other kids left on the bus all moved up to the seats by them and started talking to them and making them laugh. When she dropped them off at school, she asked if she could get them out (something they don't like bus drivers to do because they have so much to keep track of and time lines, but she really felt they would react better on their first day if she did it. Again, W.O.W.). She said they both let her get them out and carry them down, but that Collin went limp on the ground when she tried to put him down. Collin... And then started whine crying. She felt bad, but the aide took over from there. I can't tell you how much better I felt knowing all that detail about their trip. And maybe more so, that she cared about them that much to call me. W.O.W.

The afternoon trip wasn't quite the same, I don't really know what happened other than they had a last minute sub and ended up being 35 minutes late home (I won't go into the confusing fuzzy story). They were all smiles when they got off the bus though. Of course that might have just been relief to be home after spending that much time on the bus.
After getting of the bus. Super cute!

To celebrate the big day, I let the boys pick a place to go to lunch. They unanimously picked Noodles. These kids are all about the chop sticks I tell you.

All in all, it was a good day of big firsts. Everyone was tired but happy and talking about day two... granted Oliver and Ethan were excited about it and Collin was telling me "heck no, I won't go"... but... two out of three ain't bad, as Meatloaf once said. (and I am sure he will love it soon enough)
Here are some cute shots of the boys on their first day...


Gotfam said...

Oh my gosh - i was seriously just laughing so hard. You followed them to school. Priceless. I love it. Don't worry...i may do it too. I'm just happy you did it first. Haa

Gotfam said...

p.s. they are so adorable! The pictures made me tear up a little...when did they get so big?

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