Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Ethan and I had a little "date" night at the beginning of August. It was actually just dinner and back to school shopping, but since we get out so rarely by ourselves... I'm calling it date night. And really, what a handsome man to spend a Saturday night with!

We went to Noodles which is currently the boys favorite place for dinner (Panera is a close second - first if it is breakfast time). Other than who doesn't like anything made with noodles, the big draw is the chopsticks. Ethan is all about the chopsticks. It's pretty darn cute, I must say.

After dinner we went shopping for his school supplies and some clothes. I have to take him with me now because he is slim and even some of the ones with adjustable elastic bands they make now don't work... unless the MC Hammer look is still in that is. So, he must try on all the pants to see if they are the right cut. Funny... shopping with a five year old boy is not quite as much fun as I imagined. He doesn't have the same excitement as I do for such things... sigh...
Still, it was a fun night with my little big man.

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