Friday, September 10, 2010

The minor leagues...

My workplace had a family fun day at our local minor league baseball game (read: free tickets!). Steve and I didn't think the twins would make it long at one of these, and it started close to bedtime, so I signed up for Ethan and I to go. However we got lucky and not as many people signed up to go as they anticipated so I was able to bring along two of Ethan's neighbor friends with us. This was Ethan's first time going to a baseball game and he was really excited. I'll be honest, I was really excited as well. "Firsts" for each of my kids are a thrill for me still... always will be. And many times so are seconds and thirds and fourths and...and... and...

When we got there, since it was dinnertime, the first thing on their minds (and some of the funny conversation on the way down) was food. They wanted hot dogs... okay, a must have for baseball games I understand.

Then they wanted ice cream... in a baseball hat. Seriously, how could I resist these faces... I caved easily.

Andy, Ethan and Aiden

I can't say we saw much of the game, or even sat at our seats for any significant amount of time, but I think I can say they all had fun. And so did I.

Bouncer at the game.

Climbing statue.

Just plain cheesy.

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