Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Are you ready for some soccer?!

The first game of spring soccer was today. It wasn't too bad, well, since they don't take score. Actually, even given a sore ankle causing a limp, Ethan played pretty well. He had his moments of staring off into space, but he also kicked the ball quite a few times... in the right direction... away from the right players... it was awesome! And most importantly, he was proud of himself.

The pre-game pep talk... with Q & A apparently. I thought it was adorable with all of them sitting on their balls intently listening.

The first play.

Oliver, Ethan's mini me, desperately wanted to be on the field with Ethan, playing soccer as well. We could not convince him that this was just not okay. I'll tell you though, that boy is ready for soccer and I think he might be good at it (based on his kicking skills and desire). He, unfortunately, cried very loudly and dramatically about half of the game and nothing we did helped. Collin was pretty laid back (thank goodness), content eating, playing with a soccer ball and watching, with the occasional grab of a marker or dash on the field just when we had our guard down or were focused on one of the other two kids.

One of Oliver's calm moments, watching the game with his ice water.

One of Collin's ornery moments, taking a marker.

The brother's celebrating the first game.

The brother hug. Though it kind of looks like a wrestle move, this was a giant hug from Oliver, returned by Ethan. Oliver adores Ethan. He calls him "my Ethan."

It was a beautiful day today, sunny and cool. Looking forward to the season and more beautiful days like this!


Kothe Clan said...

Great shots of the team! I started to see my life in fast forward and can already imagining the kids running around. Have a great season. The pics of the kids hugging makes my heart melt.

Amy Villwock said...

Cute photo... David cannot wait to sign Cam up for Locker soccer in the Fall...

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