Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dinnertime conversation: the Easter Bunny

Tonight at dinner Ethan said, "So..." Now, not to take away from the story, but this opening typically means he is getting ready to ask dad some detailed super hero questions. Sometimes it will even start with "I love you mommy. So... dad can Blue Beetle's foot turn into...." The "I love you mommy" is the butter-up since I am not a fan of super hero talk at dinner. Oh and who else says "so" all the time... hmmmmm....

So, anyhow, the dinner conversation tonight started with this:

Ethan: "So mom and dad, where does the Easter Bunny live?"

I looked at Steve and he at me, neither one of us had an answer. Pretty pathetic huh?

Me: "I am not sure where he lives."

Ethan: "I think he lives in China."

Me: "Okay, that would be a nice place. Why do you think that?"

Ethan: "Because it says China on the bottom of everything we got."
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