Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Here are some highlights of our Easter morning egg hunt in the house...

Collin discovering his first egg filled with a raisin box... he was on a quest after that.

Oliver carrying sidewalk chalk he just found (and asking if he could color with it NOW). Collin holding an egg and his stash of raisin boxes.

Ethan opening his eggs: stickers, cars (he ended up with tons of those eggs), raisins, balloons, stretch frogs and fruit leather.

Collin kissing his raisin boxes (I am not kidding). Somehow he ended up with all of them. I think, but we were too busy to know for sure, that he snatched his brother's. He loves him some raisins.

Mommy's favorite Easter bunny gift... the live butterfly net (you have to send away for caterpillars) so we can watch them grow into butterflies and then release them. (I'm a geek, huh?) Collin was eying the build a car box.

Oliver's favorite thing, crayons and coloring book. He colored most of the day.

Ethan's favorite, the new Joker Fun House.
Other than the balloons all popping within an hour (they were the big balloons on a rubber band that you bounce off your hand), fun and happiness was had by all.

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