Monday, April 26, 2010


Sunday at noon, right when Cookie Cutters opened, I called and made an appointment to get Oliver's hair fixed. Fifty bucks later (for all three), which is including the $6 in coupons we had, Oliver no longer looks punk with five different lengths of hair, straight across side burns and multiple bald spots. Actually, now that it's all smoothed out, he looks stinking cute with his hair so short. STINKING CUTE! It did take her 20 minutes to fix it though... considering how little hair he had when we were done it is sad it took 20 minutes for her to fix what we had done!

Collin and Ethan also got a cut, not a buzz though. Now they are no longer the bushy headed Moore brothers.

Wish I could get them to sit still for photos, but I can't, therefore these aren't the best photos. Oh, and in case you are wondering, Collin spilled something on his shirt at dinner and insisted on taking it off and NOT putting on another one...

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