Saturday, April 24, 2010

We are so sorry Oliver

My dear sweet little O,

We made a very terrible mistake. Daddy insisted we do it and after a week, I caved. I thought if I helped surely between the two of us it would turn out okay. It can't be that hard to do it after all. We were wrong. Very wrong. All to save a few dollars.

I am sorry you were the first chosen and, as it turned out, our guinea pig. You know though, when it comes to matters such as this, you are by far the easiest. Yes, that shouldn't be a punishment, I know. But who else would sit through the drama as it went from "it might be okay"... to "stop cutting it, just buzz it"... to "oh no I took a chunk out (three times)"... to "just stop now before we do any more damage"... to "it's okay, wait until after his bath it'll be better looking"... to "okay, give it a few days to grow out, it'll be fine"... to "never mind, just give it a few days then we will pay someone to fix it"... to "there is no way we are touching the other two"... to "we're so sorry Oliver, so very, very sorry." All the while, you just sat there happily watching Little Einsteins letting us mangle your mane... for a half hour... in the name of saving money. We are so sorry. We won't do it again, we promise. Probably.

Mommy and Daddy

p.s. yes you can probably use this to your advantage for a good week, at least.

What did YOU do to me?!!!

Dear two remaining very bushy headed brothers,

Be kind to your brother. Do not laugh, but instead compliment, embrace and defend him (with that hair, he's probably going to need it). It is he that saved you this horrible fate.

Mommy and Daddy


Anonymous said...

It does not look that bad! I can already assume I will be writing this same post one day.

suburban hippie mama said...

haha! so cute!

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