Thursday, April 29, 2010

Topsy Turvey Thursday

Today was topsy turvey Thursday (crazy mismatched clothes and wild hair) at Ethan's school. I, of course, noticed it on the calendar this morning at 5:45 a.m. because I am so on top of everything lately (no, no sarcasm there!).

I left a note for Erin to have him call me when he woke up so I could partake in the outfit picking with him, since we didn't do it the night before. At 7:06 a.m. today I got a call from Ethan. He sounded tired (as he should since he is sleeping a whopping 9 hours a night now and days): "Hi mommy, what did you want?" I asked him if he remembered it was topsy turvey day and he informed me that he was already dressed. Apparently he woke up, knew what day it was (thank goodness he doesn't have my memory issues) and dressed himself much to Erin's surprise.

Me: "So, what did you pick out?"

Ethan: "Uh, my Marvel shirt and my OSU pants."

Me: "Are they the same color?" (already knowing the answer)

Ethan: "No not really, there's some red around Spiderman and Iron Man, but not really anything else to match my pants."

Me: "Uh, okay." (translated: 'Uh, okay...color blind like dad: check")

Ethan: "Mom, it's a MARVEL shirt and OSU pants, that makes them TOTALLY different and mismatched. Right?" (sounding a little bit like 'seriously mom... duh!')

Me (giggling): "Of course. Yes, you're right. Do you have crazy socks on?"

Ethan: "No, not really."

Me: "You should put on some crazy socks. And what are you going to do to your hair?"

Ethan: "My socks are fine and I am not doing anything to my hair." (clearly done with me at this point) "I love you mommy. Bye." (the classic pass off)

As I finish this conversation with him, Erin sends me a photo from her phone of him talking to me. I cry giggle every time I look at it, because I hear the conversation in my head and love the expression on his face (it's hard to see here, but his brow is furrowed).

BTW, check out the socks... he doesn't think those are topsy turvey. As a matter of fact, socks to Ethan are not something you match to your outfit, but instead something you pick based on your mood alone... and therefore, in his mind, they match whatever you are wearing no matter what.

Ahhhh, I LOVE that little boy.

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