Saturday, February 27, 2010

Running, falling and having fun

We went to a maple syrup making demo thing at a local farm. Well, it was about 35 minutes from here (according to mapquest, however we got lost and it took us more like 50 minutes... but who's counting). Now admittedly Steve had his doubts when I mentioned this family adventure (anything like this with three kids, two of which are two year old twins, is categorized as an 'adventure'), namely regarding the twins and how that would work. Secretly I had them too, but knew that they would have fun running (if nothing else), so we just needed to buck up, put on our running shoes and take all three.

I love this farmer and his organic produce, grass fed beef and syrup. I met him at our local farmer's market this year (he's been there for a while, I just started to frequent the market this year). He has many of these type events at the farm, but this was the first one we have had a chance to attend. In my head it was a bit different than what it actually turned out to be. Regardless, the kids all had a blast. Not necessarily learning about how you make maple syrup (crazy by the way how much sap it takes to get one measly pint of syrup), but more the running in the mounds of snow with Jules the golden retriever who, much to their glee, loved to catch snowballs. Oh, and of course the pancakes and syrup were a big hit too.

Here are some (okay, a boatload... but they are stinking cute, how can I not) photos of the snow fun and giggles they had:
They LOVED Jules, here they are running after her.

Running as soon as we got there.

Collin was all about Jules. One time, when he was petting her, another person came up and Jules went to her to be pet (she was a very friendly people loving dog) and Collin's bottom lip puffed out. He was so hurt that she left him.

Check out the size of that snow ball... my little tiny he-man!

I was off buying beef when they were eating, so I snapped this after they were done. Ethan was sad because he wanted more whole wheat (milled on the farm) pancakes.

Oliver climbed and fell down every mound - loving it.

Yes, those are Ethan's feet.

And this is the mound of Ethan after that. Pure joy.

How could three boys, getting to be boys, not love today?

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