Friday, February 12, 2010

What is this?!

As you know, it was the big Valentine's Day party at Ethan's school. He was very excited and reported that it was a very good day. Since he had snack today (as you might recall), he was also the star at school today (a privilege of your snack day), so that made it a double good time. However, none of that held a candle to the anticipation of opening his Valentine's Card box and seeing what "treats" he had received. That was true jumping up and down, bouncing off walls, raw heart pounding excitement. Ahh, to be a kid again. So, after the twins' music therapy tonight, he and I opened the box.

It went something like this:

E: WOW! Look at all these treats! There's a lollipop... mom, do we like these? (hesitating for an answer only for a split second before he was distracted by another sweet) Oh, look m&ms!! And kisses! And chocolate hearts! Ooo, look at this - what is it mom?
M: Nerds.
E: What are Nerds?
M: Eww, you wouldn't like those (doing candy control of course).
E: Oh. Well, what is this mom?
M: Bottlecaps.
E: Do we like bottlecaps?
M: Do you want to eat a bottlecap? (saved by the name - that was easy!)
E: Oh... no. (giggle, giggle) Oooo look more chocolate and here's a heart gummy. And more lollipops, look mom four more!
M: Great (might have had a slightly sarcastic tone here).
E: Hmmm... what should I pick? I think I'll pick this chocolate heart for my after dinner treat. But can I have this treat I gave myself too? PLEASE?? (he insisted on addressing a valentine to himself also, so he could get one of his own treats)

After we went through the entire box and the gob loads of candy, I couldn't help but laugh to myself and think about this same moment at his classmate's houses:

Child: WOW! Look at all these treats! There's lots of lollipops, chocolates, gummy hearts. And LOOK! Bottlecaps! And Nerds! I love those! These are the best Valentine's... huh? Wait a minute, what is this thing? (the sound of happiness coming to a screeching halt reflected in the tone of their voice)
Parent: Organic Strawberry fruit leather.
Child: Fruit leather? Why would someone give me fruit leather for Valentine's Day?! It was probably Ethan's mom; you should see what she makes us for snacks! Yuck!

Yes, I am that mom. Seriously though, they are only four and five year olds. I never dreamed I would be the ONLY person to do a semi healthy Valentine's Day treat!

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea you were THAT mom! Too funny! Made me laught out loud.

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