Monday, February 1, 2010


This weekend, while I was in Cleveland, Steve decided to build forts with the boys in the family room. As great an idea this was it didn't go exactly as he had planned.

As it turned out, Ethan was very intent on building an elaborate fort, while Collin was merely in it to break through the top of the fort. As in once it was built, Collin would go under and stand up, popping his head through the fort with a giggle and thus "ruining it". Rebuild/fix, then pop again, repeat, you get the picture. This, as you might guess, did not make Ethan happy. After a while of this, Ethan went off to the corner of the room and started building with his Trios while Collin happily continued popping through the fort.

Ethan, however, was not building with the Trios to play or as a means to find something else to do like Steve had assumed. No, that was not the case at all. Steve discovered the real master plan when Ethan walked back over and sat on the ottoman (which was one of the roofs of the fort) with something he fashioned out of the Trios that resembled a mallet. Just as Steve saw this and was making the connection as to what it was, Collin happily popped through the fort and just as quick as that happened, Ethan bopped him on the head. And this continued. Pop! Bop! Pop! Bop! Just like the gopher head game you see at fairs or some places with those arcade games.

Steve said he was laughing so hard that he couldn't correct it for a while. Apparently the bop on the head wasn't hard enough to phase Collin and it helped Ethan get rid of his frustration... not sure it was the best way... but I wasn't here... and in the end they were all laughing.

Boys will be boys...

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The Kothe Clan said...

No harm was done!!! I can picture this in my head and I am laughing to myself.

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