Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snuggling and building: grandpa style

Grandpa Ron came down last weekend for a quick visit to see the kids. Unfortunately, much like our shopping trip before he arrived, the kids were in rare form... ALL weekend. When we offered to ship the kids down to Florida for some quality grandparent time, he declined... quickly. Wimp.

It was too cute to see Oliver decide to snuggle with grandpa while watching TV.

And comical to hear Ethan and grandpa build the batcave together. Ethan has a wonderful imagination, but his building style can be very minimalist. Grandpa is an idea implanter with heavy directive undertones. Together they built a great batcave which Ethan insisted we did NOT take down or touch for days.

Thank you for visiting grandpa! Sorry it was a little less than calm and relaxed, but it's your fault for wishing paybacks when we were kids. Maybe when you were uttering the words "just wait until you have kids..." you should have specified said paybacks not occur during your visits. Just saying...

We really enjoyed having you and the boys look forward to snuggling, building and coloring again with you!

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