Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sometimes, you just have to...

let them eat waffles for dinner. Yes, that's right, I said eat waffles for dinner.

Today was a crabby, whiny, fighting over everything day. Not even naps helped. It was rough for everyone. There was a lot of crying and I am not just talking about Steve and I.

Partly from sheer desperation, partly from holiday spirit and partly from personal nostalgia, I made a strategic move for dinner: homemade waffles. More specifically non-Wendyfied homemade waffles: no whole wheat flour, no ground flax seed, no wheat bran, no oatmeal, no nothing hidden in them... just normal waffles. They all gathered around to see what it was and the excitement grew at the first site of waffles coming from the waffle maker. Which brought me back in time to when my Aunt Becky used to make us waffles and how excited we were to see them. Only fitting that my waffle maker and the recipe were both gifts from her - thank you Aunt Becky. And no Grandma Mary, I did not serve the infamous peas with my waffles tonight, but I reserve the right to pick up on your tradition another time.

A chorus of "eat, eat!" and "I want waffles" and "are they ready yet" started once the first couple sets were off the maker and I was still preparing the rest, but that all stopped when the plates were placed before them. Dinner tonight was completely quiet. All we heard were some variations of "more please." Steve called it surreal and then asked if we could have waffles every night.

Happy Valentine's Day boys!

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