Monday, February 8, 2010

Are you ready for some football?!

It's official. Ethan watched his first Superbowl game. Well, it was actually just the first half... shhhhhh. We are die hard (meaning we die hard every year) Brown's fans. Born and bred. Since the Brown's weren't playing (ah ha - Brown's and Superbowl don't even go together in the same sentence), Ethan had to pick a new favorite team. He decided on the Colts since they were blue and that is, after all, one of his favorite colors. Steve was rooting for the Saints, which didn't sway Ethan. As a matter of fact there were many times that Ethan was heckling Steve in a way when the Colts stopped a play. Mind you, Ethan has just started to pay a little attention to football this year. Not much, but some. He knows the Cincinnati "Dangels" (tee hee hee) and Browns of course. Oh, and OSU naturally.

Since he just started to watch and show any interest whatsoever, it was very funny and cute to see his excitement during the game. Granted some was just getting to stay up late with mom and dad, some (okay a lot) was surrounding the "treats" he had and some was for the actual game. Speaking of treats, Ethan had his first lil' smokie. I KNOW. Those are Steve's Superbowl thing - bbq lil' smokies - and as much as it pained me, the anti hot dog mom (especially ones like that), I let him take this strange rite of passage to man land. Sigh... He loved them, of course. He only had three. And some tortilla chips.

At the beginning of the game, trying to stay awake I am sure, he was doing cheers to root on the Colts. It was quite funny. And loud. Towards the end, he snuggled up with me. That was my favorite part.

I suspect next year, the twins will claim this right to watch the Superbowl too and we will be too old, weak and outnumbered at that point to argue. We recorded the first part of last night's Superbowl so we could bath the twins, read them books and put the them to bed. They, however, did not go to bed but instead had their own little Superbowl party in their room. Yelling, cheering and stripping were all part of their party, much like any other big game right? Well, minus the stripping... usually. Try to explain the to Oliver, though, who took his sleeper off three times last night. Boys.

All in all it was one of the best Superbowls I can remember.

On a side note, do any of your recall when the Saints where the bag on the head wearing Aints? Surely, if they can win a Superbowl, the Browns could too. Right? Or just make it to the play offs... not as a wild card and past the first game. Maybe? Please? Like we always say here in Brown land, maybe next year...


michele.kothe said...

You are just like my husband, he will never give up on his Brownies.

The cuddling is the best, I wish it happened more!

Karen Murnane said...

We didn't even make it through the end of the 2nd qtr, but there was lots of snuggling on the couch up until then, so I hear ya'! Good for you letting Ethan have those lil' smokies, those are a birth right after all.


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