Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sleeping brothers

Normally my stance is never ever wake a sleeping child...especially if there are more than one. However yesterday, I had to since the twins speech therapist was coming (and they were still not awake). Since we normally don't wake them, and ANY movement or sound in their room wakes them - even from a deep sleep, I haven't gotten any sleeping toddler photos. Yesterday I did. What more, they were sleeping together in the same crib which was too cute!
Funny note. They never really play with each other during the day. But when they go to bed, they sit there and talk and laugh forever some nights. We sometimes go in, if they have been at it for a while after we put them to bed, to give them "it's time to go to sleep boys" speech and find them sitting side by side just talking. We can hear them on the monitor but seeing them in person, sitting there interacting with one another, is so much cuter! We just find it so funny that they bond in their cribs, but during the day they play separately (and even have tiny tussles and grammy Kathy would say).

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