Friday, April 24, 2009

Pantry raids...

The twins, much like any kids their age, like to get into everything. Everything! And they are smart enough to figure out most of our child proofing at this point. In the kitchen, they normally just empty whatever ever it is - the cabinets, the pantry, the drawers, whatever.

Though they still do this, Collin has now discovered that he can EAT some of what he is destructing. His latest thing is pantry raids of cereal boxes. He gets in there, pulls out different cereal boxes, plops himself on the floor and digs in. Oliver usually joins him - there is definitely a 'me too' factor in twins. And then there is the subsequent toddler tantrum that ensues when we take the boxes away... because it has normally been happening just prior to eating a meal.

Regardless, it is pretty cute and funny to see. These were taken this morning... Notice Collin looking toward the pantry for other things to pull out.

Look at Oliver's tongue sticking out... such concentration.

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