Monday, April 20, 2009

Lauren's back!

Lauren spends spring break with her mom every year. And every year Ethan asks us a million times when she is coming home. This year he actually demanded she come home one day. Sissy is well loved by the boys.

Since she didn't get home until late last night, the boys didn't see her until today. She also had a doctor's appointment after school so they didn't see her until dinnertime when she and Steve got home. After dinner, they ran around her in the family room squealing and laughing. I think she enjoys being the "superstar" as well, being missed so much.
I know the photo isn't that good (one of the many reasons Lauren does not like to be on the blog), but it was so cute the way they were acting. BTW, Collin is shirtless because it was pasta night and he had a white shirt on.

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