Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Conversation with a four year old teenager

Erin called me and said "What do you do when Ethan refuses to eat lunch? Do you make him something else to eat?" Heck no, we aren't short order cooks!

I told her to put him on the phone. So she called him over (he was in another room) and said that I wanted to talk to him. The conversation went like this:

Ethan: "What do you want mom?" (with much tone and 'tude)
Me: (surprised and trying not to laugh at the tone) "How are you?"
Ethan: "I have nothing to talk to you about mom."
Me: (more giggling) "Ethan I understand you are not eating lunch."
Ethan: "I don't like pasta anymore. I'm tired of it."
Me: "Ethan I need you to eat some of it and some of your broccoli."
Ethan: "No, sorry mom, I can't. I am not hungry."
Me: "Ethan, you need to eat four bites of each please."
Ethan: "No sorry mom, I'm not hungry."
Me: "Ethan you haven't eaten anything for lunch at all, you need to eat a few bites of each. That's all, just a few bites."
Ethan: no response...
Me: "Ethan? Ethan????"
Erin: "He put the phone on the kitchen table, covered his ears and walked away."
Me: "When did he become a teenager?!"


First of all, he likes pasta and broccoli normally. Second, my normal greeting from him on the phone is "Hi mommy, how are you?" And other frequently said things are: "I love you mommy" and "When are you coming home?" He SO knew he had been ratted on and he had no intention of loosing. It was like talking to a teenager, complete with tone, 'tude and all.

Needless to say, score one for the four year old teenager... he ate nothing.

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