Friday, April 17, 2009


Easter morning was quite fun at our house. The twins actually were old enough to take part in finding the eggs and gifts this year. Though they were quite content finding one or two and leaving it at that.

All three received a container of sidewalk chalk (a favorite among them). Oliver loved this – carrying it around asking us to open it – ALL day!
Collin’s favorite thing were the little boxes of raisins I put in some of the plastic Easter eggs. I let him have two boxes, which he happily just kept digging his little fingers in to get more while walking around eating them. When I took a shower, Steve let him have two more boxes. Um… four boxes of raisins within one hour… any idea what that means? Steve said “I just couldn't say no, he was so happy.” I made him change the diaper later that day.
Ethan of course is well experienced with Easter and the fun of the morning. He happily gathered all the eggs and gifts the Easter bunny brought for everyone. His favorite being some super heroes he didn’t yet have, one being very hard to find in stores (Thank you Easter Bunny Grammy Dee).

No, not one single piece of candy… I don’t care what anyone says… they are fine and didn’t even know (though Lauren has a six pack of snicker eggs in her basket… she’s old enough to know better...and those are her favorite...I'm not heartless you know).

Princess Ethan Leia

p.s. I added a Shutterfly album of all the Easter morning photos on the left of the page in the Shutterfly album area.

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Amy Villwock said...

How adorable...I can't wait for Cameron to have an Easter egg hunt.

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