Monday, August 9, 2010

Words from the monitor

We hear some pretty funny things from the boys on the monitors. I've decided to start documenting them because though I think I'll remember... well... we all know better.

5 a.m. (ish) Saturday morning: sound of light switch flipping on, then Collin's voice talking to a sleeping Oliver: "Olber, yu see my bink? Olber, wher my bink? Oh... der it is." I walk in: "Hi mom, I foun my bink, see?"

6:30 a.m. (ish) Sunday morning two weeks ago: Oliver voice: "Collin, you awake? Collin, you awake? Collin, you awake?........" I walk in to find Oliver sitting on his knees in Collin's bed, with his face in Collin's sleeping face, repeating "Collin, you awake" over and over. Then, to me, "Good morning mommy. He's not awake yet."

Any random night: loud background noise of the monitor being picked up, then the boom of Ethan's voice, his mouth right on the microphone area: "Mommy, I need to order a drink of water please." And if I don't bring it within a minute: "Mom... mom, I said I need a drink. Mom?"

Yes, Ethan still has a monitor. Until college I think, maybe longer...

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