Monday, August 2, 2010

The line...

As I was making the boys some homemade ice cream (frozen yogurt), I wondered to myself: "Self, have you crossed the line?" You see, I had decided to make them strawberry, kiwi and spinach ice cream. Yes, spinach as the green leafy vegetable. Yes, in ice cream. Yes, I have graduated to green ice cream, from mere smoothies and popsicles. What? Something wrong with that?

I blame Oliver. If he would eat a green veggie, or anything other than a raw carrot here and there, I wouldn't have to sneak spinach and kale in their treats. That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Regardless, as I blended the strawberries, kiwi, yogurt, milk... and spinach together, then poured into the ice cream maker and later when watched them lovingly eat the ice cream, professing their love and drinking the last drops from their bowls... I had to wonder to myself... One day, when they find out... will it affect the care I get as on old woman? Will I get the crappy nursing home in the middle of no where? Will they sneak prunes into all my food? Will they get me the cheap diapers? Will they only leave me big polka dotted moo moos to wear? Will I pay for this somehow?

With this in mind, I scurried for my camera. In a defensive move for the future, I decided to photograph them enjoying the last bites of their strawberry kiwi (*cough* spinach) ice cream. Surely when they see how happy they were and how much they loved it, they will forgive me. Right?

Shirtless because he got some on his shirt, and if you know Ethan, he hates to have wet clothes.

Enough said, one happy boy.

Has to do whatever Ethan does... thus shirtless.
His "I love this so much" head throw back.

And yes, it is light brown and chocolate looking... that's the color it makes when you mix these red and green items... kind of messed up, huh?

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