Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stitches before three, a new family record

I knew it wasn't a good sign when Ms. Erin called me at 4:25 pm (shortly before I normally get home). I just had this bad feeling. She stuttered a little and then said quickly that Oliver had fallen, she was sure he needed stitches, and though he complained about his head hurting he was running around having a good ol' time. Whoa, back up to the "need stitches" part!

Ethan and Oliver were playing, as they do, and Oliver fell into an end table at just the right angle, in just the right way... apparently... and gashed his eyelid open (right side, right under his eyebrow). And in typical Oliver fashion, recovered quickly and went on playing only complaining about his head hurting every five minutes or so in a matter of fact way.

When I picked him up, leaving the other two with Ms. Erin until Steve got home, he was all happy and excited to go. When we got to the Children's Close to Home urgent care he was perfect. Smiling and happy waiting in the waiting room FULL of people. When they called us, he got on the scale without issue, let them take his blood pressure and temperature and then play with his eye... all the time smiling (this is the complete opposite of Collin). Quickly they determined he did indeed need stitches, so they put the numbing gel on (and gave him some ibuprofen too) and off we went to the waiting room while the gel did it's work.
This was actually in the room right before they put in his stitches... I couldn't get him to stand still in the waiting room so the photos are really fuzzy (my camera phone is slow). That's how they put the numbing gel on.

After about 25 minutes they called us back. They put Oliver on the table, framed his head in "super clean" papers, and started stitching. The child smiled the entire time and did not even flinch one bit. Not at all. Just laid there. I, on the other hand, was ready to pass out. He was such a little trouper. Never one phased by the sensation of them stitching or the closeness of the man's hands to his eye. Wow. The doctor and two suture techs that were there during it were even amazed.

My little baby laying on the table as they get ready to prep him.

Right after the stitches.

As you know, Oliver is Ethan's mini me. He wants to do everything that Ethan does. Today though, it seems he wanted to take it one step farther and beat a record Ethan previously held - stitches at 3 1/2 years. As a matter of fact, Ethan got his stitches two years ago this month. They were on his forehead. Oliver lost the gore factor though, Ethan's was spewing blood (I am not kidding - it was unbelievable) like some low budget horror movie.
At home afterwards, eating a very late dinner.

At this point, considering some of our other trips there over the years, I am thinking about just buying a couple chairs in the waiting room to have reserved for us. I kind of envision a gold plaque on them that reads "Moore Boys." And maybe also seeing if they will institute a fast pass for us. That way, I could just scan it at the door and walk back to our chairs, which I am certain we will occupy frequently. Sigh...

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The Kothe Clan said...

I am dreading these days, but I am sure they are coming! So happy he was a calm boy, that makes it easier on mom.

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