Thursday, August 5, 2010

Aunt Krissy Palooza

We have been lucky enough to see Aunt Krissy at least one time on four of the five weekends in July. Krissy and I were discussing it and we think we saw her more in July than we did the entire year to that point. The boys are LOVING it. We don't get many family visitors unfortunately (read: family, please come visit!), so when we do they go crazy. Plus, Aunt Krissy likes to get on the floor and build, play action figures, do pretend play and just about anything else they want to do... so she's tops in their books.

I also love having her, not only to see her and catch up, which we rarely get to do since she started medical school two years ago and two hours from here, but also because that means I can get something done. Like I said, we get very few family visitors, so when we do, I take advantage of it. Steve and I either try to get some much needed deep cleaning done in warp speed when we actually have someone to watch the boys, or Krissy and I take them on "field trips" to places I am not brave enough to do on my own yet (while daddy is trying to knock out some "house to do" items that have mounded into triple digit numbers since the twins were born and we have no time to get anything done) or I take her along to knock out some errands that again, I am not brave enough to do alone (while Steve, again, tries to make a dent in the list).

This last weekend I chose errands. Specifically getting shoes for the boys - which was both much over due. Now, all of you that are parents (especially those of multiples) will appreciate how grateful Steve was that it was Krissy going with me and not him. Add the fact that it was the first weekend of the buy one, get on 1/2 off sale at Stride Rite and that gratefulness quadruples. There is nothing fun about shoe shopping with twin two years old... though fortunately Ethan has gotten easier.

It actually didn't go too badly. We did several pass-bys of the store, waiting for the crowd to leave, and managed to hit it on our fourth time (I think) around. Ethan had picked out his shoes on-line already, so he was easy. He got in the store, found his shoes, got fitted and was done. I have to tell you, I thought it was so cute that he wanted so much say in his shoes this time. Normally he is fine with just about anything. This time he wanted the slingshots with silver on them. Collin was the only one that gave us any issues at the store. Oliver was pretty easy... well, until he decided he wanted to try on more shoes (once we were done with him). Both Oliver and Ethan wanted to wear their new shoes, whereas Collin was insistent on his "bown hoes"... which are hideous.... but that's another blog post.

We were able to do a little clearance back to school shopping, while waiting for the shoe store to get less busy, also much needed (still need to do more if anyone is up for it...). Our other accomplishment was we were able to narrow the backpack selection down. They all want the new Pottery Barn Kid backpacks. Yes, they are superheros. Ethan and Oliver want Batman and Collin wants "hiderman." I am still debating over the size to get Ethan and whether to get their names embroidered on them when I order them, but at least we have a decision.

Oliver did have one melt down in which he put himself in time out in the mall walkway. I don't think he was feeling well, because he wasn't doing anything that called for a time out. But nonetheless it was kind of funny when he said "Oliver's in time out" kind of crying and whiny.

All in all, it was a pretty good mall trip. Maybe we are getting over the hump... maybe...

Having a blast in the play area (the camera on my phone is really slow to focus... and they are really fast to run... which equates to blurry photos of quickly moving bodies):

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