Thursday, August 5, 2010

Candles and applesauce cupcakes

Since Krissy was starting clerkship (med. school rotations), and therefore life (Mon-Sat) as she knew it would be over starting this last Monday, when she was down last Saturday she decided she wanted to have a little celebration for the twins birthday which is coming up.

She got them party hats and noise makers and made them applesauce raisin cupcakes. They loved it. They loved the hats and noise makers. They loved the singing of happy birthday. They loved blowing out the candles. They loved eating the yummy (and healthy) birthday treats. They loved their presents. And they love, love, love their Aunt Krissy.

Blowing out the candles... took a while but they actually did it.

Thank you Aunt Krissy! We haven't yet accepted that we might not see you until December (oh, you are so coming here then, so just plan on it), so don't be surprised if we call begging you to come down before. Really, you don't need to sleep on Sundays... a five hour round trip visit to us would be more fun... right?

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