Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Collin's addiction

We are currently in search of a 12 step program for Collin and his addiction... to raisins. You laugh, but it's serious. He can sniff them out and find them anywhere. He can eat them all day long. He has a huge fit if you try to stop him. His will is strong, but his willpower is weak. And by his will is strong, I mean he's a very strong little dude and if he wants it he'll find a way to get it through both will and shear strength.

We've known of this problem for a while, as Easter gave us some tell-tale signs when he slyly took all the raisin boxes from his brothers, gathered them up in a pile and kissed them refusing to let any out of his sight or possession.

He had an episode recently during one of Ethan's soccer games. There were some small raisin boxes packed in the diaper bag, along with other snacks, which he found. Once he finished his container of snack we brought for him, he went to the diaper bag and I heard a loud (signature) gasp. He had found a box of raisins. He ran around with it, got up in the chair and promptly started shoving them in, enjoying them immensely. Then he was off to the diaper bag again and before I knew it he had another box... and another... At that, I closed the diaper bag tight. However, when we were talking to Ethan during a break, Collin quietly went to the bag, figured out how to open it and got more raisins. Once we realized it and went to get them from him, he darted... dropping raisins. But that doesn't stop him. No, he'll eat them off the ground if you aren't quick enough. Other than the obvious dirt, the other issue with that is: the soccer field is a park, where people bring their dogs... for walks... and other small animals... like rabbits... live... need I say more?

My neighbor, Kris, told me the other day that, when the kids were over there with Ms. Erin, she had issues with Collin and raisins. Apparently she served that as one of the snack items for all the kids, but could not get Collin to stop eating them. I believe she said "I had a problem with Collin and raisins..." His addiction is no longer behind closed doors...

Hi, my name is Collin and I am a raisinholic.

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Anonymous said...

Could be worse! I just hope the only thing he ate off the ground were raisins.

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