Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"My Mother" by Ethan

For Mother's Day, Ethan's preschool had the kids do several different art projects for us. One of them was entitled "My Mother" and had a few descriptive things about us as well as an illustration by our children. The teachers read these aloud to us during circle time, but waited until all the descriptive sentences had been read until they said who each was.

Here is what Ethan had to say about me:
Do you see that?!! I am 18 years old!!! Woo hoo!!! That means I had him when I was 13, but who cares... I'm 18 to him! Of course, in his mind 18 is old... but he still thinks daddy is older! I laughed when I saw that I "watch football on TV." Since we really try to limit TV, he never really sees what I watch. The only time he sees me watching TV is in the fall when we have football on.
As you can imagine, there were some funny answers by the other kids. Two of the ones that stick in my head were of two separate moms and referred to what they drink. One was "mommy drinks" (decoded = wine) and another was "beer." Those moms turned beet red.

I can't wait to see what the daddy versions look like. They already did them and the teachers said that they almost had some very interesting answers when they were asking for daddy's name - the teacher actually phrased it like this "what does your mommy call your daddy?" and the other teacher promptly said "Uh, maybe we shouldn't ask it in quite that way..." I would have loved to hear those answers though!

Here is the illustration of me that Ethan drew. Though I love it, I kind of look like a man...

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Gotfam said...

Ohh...football. I thought it said "footloose" and i couldn't wait to make fun of you.

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