Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Holy cow... that's MY boy!

I think I mentioned before that Ethan is not really huge on sports. He is very timid, except with his younger brothers of course. He isn't very competitive at all, again except with his younger brothers. He is usually very shy, searching for his place in the group. He is a lot like mommy, just likes to blend in and follow the pack. Sometimes he is more so like all of this than others, depending on how tired he is, what time of day it is, if he's hungry or full, his mood and the list goes on. Just like many other five year old really. And that's okay. We just want him to have fun and experience working together as a team.

Tonight, though, at his soccer game we saw pockets of timid, non-competitive, shy Ethan and bursts of Ethan on fire (usually it's vice versa). I was in awe as my little boy ran to defend the goal many times (they don't play with goal keepers usually, so he kept running ahead to defend the goal), kicked the ball away from the other team numerous times, assisted his team members and, oh yea, DROVE THE BALL DOWN THE FIELD FOR A GOAL ON THE LAST PLAY! And let me tell you, I was a cheering loud mommy instincts-in-over-drive soccer mom... okay... with a big mouth (I'll own it). Wow. W.O.W.!

He wasn't always successful at blocking the goal, but he tried really hard and did it by himself (without someone telling him to). He didn't always get the ball away from the other team, but he tried hard and was successful sometimes. He only made it down to the goal once, by himself or assisted, where he was successful in getting it in, but he really tried. He had the spirit. He had drive. He gave it his best effort. I couldn't have been prouder.

His smile consumed his little face. He was glowing proud. He believed in himself.

What an awesome game. What a great night.

Oh, and the twins stayed on the sidelines so Steve and I actually got to see the entire game and all of Ethan's rocking proud moments.

The after the game piece of fresh Strawberry Rhubarb pie from his favorite pie maker, Sue, at Sue's Kitchen (which means, woo hoo, the farmer's market opened for the season today!)... complete with his goofy photo face.

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