Monday, May 31, 2010

Turkey dinner?

The other day, while Ethan and his friend Christopher were swinging they had a discussion about a field trip Ethan went on. It went something like this:

Ethan: Guess what Christopher?! On our field trip we saw a REAL Pilgrim house!

Christopher: I've seen one of those too. Were the Pilgrims home?

Ethan: No, they died a long time ago.

Christopher: What was in the house then?

Ethan: Nothing, it was just a house. It was made of wood logs, can you believe that?!

Christopher: Pilgrims ate turkeys for dinner, did you know that?

Ethan: Yes, they hunted them I think.

Christopher: Hey, let's go hunt a turkey for dinner!

Ethan: OKAY!! Mom, we're going to hunt a turkey for dinner!!!

And off they went, with the twins in tow, hunting wild turkeys... in our backyard... armed with a few plastic golf clubs and the bottom of a tee ball stand (it was arched... like a bow, of course). Needless to say, we didn't have turkey for dinner, but they did find an "empty turkey nest" to show Ms. Judy (Christopher's mom) and me. So close, but yet...

Homing in on the wild turkeys in the "woods."

Discovery of the empty turkey nest. You can't see it well here, but Collin has turned around to yell the discovery back to me. "MOM umpty urkee nes!"

Running back to take us to their find...

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Anonymous said...

Too cute!

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