Saturday, February 21, 2009

Security breach reported

February 21, 2009, Westerville, OH. Earlier this morning, authorities report being called to the scene where an apparent security breach occurred. Adults at the scene, identified as 'the parents,' were unable to comment. They were found huddled in a corner, rocking back and forth repeating the words: "We have lost all control..." over and over. The two offenders both had comments. The offender identified as Collin Moore was quoted as saying: "DAAAAAA! Dooga dooga dooga." and the other identified as Oliver Moore said: "Yeaaaao dooga bleha dauao seehiittt!"

Security cameras captured these still photos of the crime:


Amy said...

Not even two and they already have a record. I don't think Cameron can hang around your criminals. I don't want him to learn their dastardly ways. Ha Ha :)

Tricia said...

We can't blame Jonah...I had to put the gate up months ago because he figured out how to get around it. You will have to find a way to nail it to the wall. : )

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