Friday, February 13, 2009

"The best snack mix EVER!"

On Sunday (yes, I know it's Friday... it's been one of those weeks), Ethan and Steve were running a couple errands. Apparently Ethan was getting hungry and told daddy that he was going to make a snack mix when he got home. Immediately upon walking in the door Ethan announced this plan to me. "Mom I am going to make the best snack mix EVER! I need Cheerios, Mighty Bites, Wheat Chex, pretzels and raisins. Can you get those out for me?" (he said with a serious but excited tone)

While eating it, he was very pleased with himself and his creation. All the boys enjoyed it actually.

Yes, the above is our goofy little ham... do you see why it's so hard to get decent photos?!

I thought it was very cute and very big boy like. Hopefully his joy of making things continues. Maybe by the time he is six he will be making us dinner! Hey, a mom can dream...

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