Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Safety City

Ethan and his friend Andy attended Safety City in June. They had a blast and we (Andy's mom Kris and I) enjoyed all their conversations and explanations about it. This program is run with the help of our police and fire departments and though I didn't see what they did during class, I know it had to be amazing and engaging. Like I said, they loved it and took in a lot.

Ethan got a "real" police badge for knowing his address. He rode on a school bus for the first time and "it was so fun and guess what mom?! three people can fit in ONE seat!" They put out a fake fire.

They even had a visit from Ronald MacDonald, but knew it wasn't him. Kris said they were talking about it in the car. Andy said that he and Ethan knew he was not real and just someone dressed up. Ethan said "he saw right through him" and that it was one of the firemen dressed up. They continued talking about it and both kept saying that they knew and "saw right through him." Too funny!

When Aunt Krissy was here this last weekend, he was sure to share some advice with her, like what to do if you find a gun. "Stop. Don't touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult." I'm not sure why he thought she needed the advice, but I sure am glad he knows it!

Here are some photos of graduation day.
Ethan walking across stage to get his certificate of completion.

Andy and Ethan with fire hydrant (okay, if this little character had a special name... I forgot it!).

Officer Jeff. He was out greeting them every morning. One morning when Kris took them to safety city they talked about him the entire ride there, but when they walked in and he said hi to them, they only looked down and didn't respond. All the sudden the shy bug bit them.

They boys with PC (Police Car)... that one I remember.

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