Sunday, July 25, 2010


Over the fourth of July weekend, the boys, Aunt Krissy and I ventured down to Young's Jersey Dairy farm while daddy and Uncle Ben stained the deck and swing set. I had heard that it was a fun place, so I wanted to take the kids. Fortunately Aunt Krissy was free for the weekend and up for the road trip with us.

Our first stop was actually the farmer's market in downtown Yellow Springs, because you know I love farmer's markets. The town was a super cute and very hippy like. Patchouli could be smelled the minute you opened your car door. Aunt Krissy and I loved it. My inner hippy was being channeled as we walked by all the cool stores. However, we had little ones with us who are not quite ready to wander in and out of shops. So, after the farmer's market, we headed to the dairy farm.

They had a petting farm area, a nice "kiddie corral" area, a giant slide, old tractors and lots of really good ice cream, as well as putt putt golf, batting cages and a fun little ride. Somehow, though, we missed the cows. The kids did pet goats and sheep, and get to see chickens and roosters, all of which they loved. Their favorite area, aside from the ice cream, was the kid's play area. They had hay bales with slides, a giant corn sandbox, bikes to ride on, a huge cow bounce house and a few other things. All of it was covered, which Aunt Krissy and I loved... my camera on the other hand was another story (grrrrr).

Big tire full of corn. They loved burying things in it, including each other.

"Look mom, I'm making a corn angel!"

Corn... hours of entertainment.

The old tractors, that were used on the farm a long time ago, were an Oliver model. Naturally we had to get a photo of Oliver on the Oliver.

They also had a giant slide, which we received free tokens for at the restaurant since it was our first time there. Unfortunately no one mentioned that there was a height requirement. Oliver was NOT happy when we got there and they turned him down. Not happy at all. Ethan had fun his two trips down though. And we quickly diverted Oliver by going back to the play area. They loved it there.

I think we were at the farm for close to six hours (including lunch) and they easily could have stayed longer. It was well worth the trip. And when we got home, the deck and swing set was done. Double bonus!

It was a long, hot sweaty, very fun day... and clearly time for a haircut.

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