Friday, July 23, 2010

The discovery made from sweet corn...

It's July in the Midwest, so we were partaking (again) in a favorite among the boys and I - sweet corn. As Ethan picked it up and took a big bite off the ear of corn, he stopped and said "I can't eat this." When asked why he said, "My tooth hurts when I bite it. I can't eat this" while he put his hand on his mouth.

Okay, Ethan does have his moments of making up great things as reasons for not wanting to eat something, albeit they are usually a little more creative like, "I can't eat that because my belly spoke to me and told me it was too full. Can I have my fruit now?" (hmmmm... but your belly just said it was...) However, Ethan loves sweet corn and repeated the tooth thing several times. So Steve decided to take a closer look.

It. Is. LOOSE! My baby has his first loose tooth!! My baby is going to get big boy teeth! Wait, he's my baby... how could this be happening already?

It's the bottom front left tooth. Yes, that's corn in his mouth... sorry... no time for such editing.

Ethan was so excited. He said he was going to tell everyone. He also went on to say, "so this means the tooth fairy will come soon too right? And she will leave me a penny!" Wow, this tooth fairy is going to get off really cheap!

I am excited for him, but I am also sad. Am I the only mom that shed a small tear over her first born's very first loose tooth?

Collin, on the other hand, has no loose teeth...

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