Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The fourth and Ethan's fashion statement

Ethan and I met the neighbors for music and fireworks on the 4th of July this year. We went to a park where our local symphony had a pre-firework performance. Not only was the music nice, but the vast green space for the kids to run and play was awesome!

At one point, Ethan, Christopher and I walked up to see the symphony closer. We sat off to the side of them. The boys kept asking me questions about the instruments, their sounds, the conductor and other things... which brought me back to my own band days (elementary to high school that is, no wild bar bands in my past... sigh...). We stayed up right next to them for close to a half hour dancing, talking and just appreciating their talent... just me and the five and six year old boys. So cute, so fun!

After the concert, we turned our seat direction and watched the fireworks. Unfortunately they were slightly low for our location, but it was still fun overall. Aunt Krissy, who was down visiting, also made it there right as they started, which excited Ethan and meant Aunt Krissy got a lap full of Ethan.

A couple photos:

Christopher and Ethan talking while watching everyone run around:
Ethan... after I spayed him with bug spray. I've mentioned before he didn't like to have wet clothes and this was no exception. He's also not too proud to... well... create this beautiful fashion statement until he dried... (my neighbor Kris actually pointed out this "perfect blog moment" to me...)

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