Sunday, June 6, 2010

Words in the playroom...

There were some funny (or at least funny to us) things said in the playroom today...


Collin: Mommy, ere a boog.

Mommy: Oh thank you. (reaching out my hand)

Mommy: (looking at hand) *SCREAM!!! (like the girl I am)* (throwing hand around frantically)

Daddy: What's wrong?!

Mommy: It was a dead bug!

Ethan: (uncontrollable laughter... for hours... repeating the dialog over and over and over... laughing... for hours)

I didn't know what he was saying, as we often don't with his verbal Apraxia, I thought he was giving me something he made me from the play kitchen. I now know, without doubt, what he means by "boog."

BTW, it was only a lady bug (yea, with three boys I better "man it up" soon, I know), BUT in my defense it was more the shock in the reality of what it was (some sort of dead bug) versus what I thought it was... that's my story and I'm sticking with it.


Oliver walking around with his toy hedge trimmer, which works (and was on), while singing "I'm gonna catch you, you better run. I'm gonna catch, here I come..."

Don't worry, that's a Laurie Berkner (children's song writer) song that we listen to all the time... and it isn't about someone with hedge clippers... thankfully... he loves music and likes to break into song randomly... and it certainly made for an interesting pairing today.

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