Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last soccer game...

Ethan had his last soccer game a few weeks ago. He wasn't at his prime for it which was a combination of me keeping him up too late looking for a birthday present, being surprised by some visitors to the game and just the general 'Saturday-morning-not-quite-awake-yet'ness.'

Overall it was a great season for him. He did so much better than in the fall. He ran, he kicked, he blocked, he scored, he assisted, he really got it this time. Granted there was still many days where he was just in the pack running or looking off into the distance or looking for that great piece of grass to pick, but he still really grew this season. I realized just how much when I saw him so excited to participate and then actively playing with the professional soccer team at the Relay for Life last week.

Here are some photos:

The pregame pep talk

In action.

Ethan and Coach Tom

A big thanks to Papa Steve and Grandma Dee for coming to his last game of this season and for cheering him on. Grandma Dee actually blew in and out of town due to work commitments... a long six hour round trip drive for a half hour game. Wow. Thanks Grandma! What a nice surprise.

By the way, look at the professional photo taken of Ethan for soccer. He looks so grown up in it!! Who is that little man? Time needs to slow down... way down!

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Anonymous said...

congratulations to you for surviving the season!

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