Thursday, June 3, 2010


We took the boys strawberry (or "hawberry" as Collin calls it) picking over the Memorial Day weekend.

When we got to the orchard, we gave each boy a strawberry box and off we went. They were so excited and proud to have their own boxes. Though we gave each specific instructions on how to pick and what to pick... really only Ethan was actually agreeing to something he understood. The twins were happy to sit, pick, eat, run, pick some more, eat some more, etc. Ethan did really well, balancing filling his box with eating a bunch. He is at the age where he not only enjoys these adventures, but also enjoys helping us pick for a purpose.

Towards the end Collin decided it was time to leave and was pretty adamant about it, as he started walking to the car... without us. Collin is pretty famous for doing what he wants to do, the heck with all of us! Turns out, though, that he had gotten the cold that Oliver and I had (starting with the fever) so that explained his decision and desire to leave just like that. We actually didn't realize it until we got home and he put himself down for a nap... now that is rare!

We have taken advantage of these juicy treats and have had strawberries every day, as well as made popsicles (yes, my "green" ones), strawberry shortcake, strawberry smoothies (yes, "green" again) and strawberry pie (completely from scratch - my first ever - I won't lie... it wasn't that good but now I know what to change next time). We also froze 15- one quart bags for future green smoothies, "ice cream" and popsicle making... which actually won't take us long to go through.

As the boys were enjoying one of our freshly made popsicles, I asked Ethan if it was the best he ever had since it was made from the strawberries he picked (from his box). He replied, with a very serious face, "Mom, I have something to tell you... I picked some with white bottoms because I wanted to fill my box..." I had to laugh at the way he confessed to this doing (we had told them to not pick any with white bottoms, only all red ones), but really the majority of what he picked was red all over. There were so many strawberries it wasn't hard to find fully ripe ones.

There is nothing like fresh strawberries, red the entire way through and sweet as can be! I think we might have to go again in the next week or two!!

Look at the strawberry stained face of Oliver!

BTW, yes I am WAY behind on posting (I somehow missed most of May and some of April actually) and yes I am posting completely out of order. Hopefully soon you will see some posts from mid May as I try to get caught up!

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Amy V said...

Aww, so cute. You need to remind me where this is, maybe Cameron would enjoy a trip next year. I think if we tried this year, he would squish them instead of putting them in a box.

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