Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Riding the rails...

We went to the Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine in mid May (yes, I am that far behind in posting), meeting Grandma Dee there. We had taken Ethan when I was pregnant with the twins and Ethan was, at the time, obsessed with everything Thomas (let's just say at that point in time I knew every single train in the Thomas line... and we owned close to all of them as well). The twins are at the age where they really like Thomas, so I thought it would be fun to take them.

Though it was a mud pit (seriously, some of the "puddles" of water were large enough to classify as a pond), from bad storms of the previous days (it's basically all outside in a dirt parking lot), the boys still had fun. Fortunately, kids, especially boys, are immune to mud, water and mess most of the time.

There was a model train tent with running trains, an activities tent (building, playing, coloring), music tent, Sir Topham Hatt (we didn't see him though), inflatables and bouncers, tattoos, etc. The first tent you walk into is the merchandise tent, of course. Collin spotted the shirts, ran up to them, grabbed a red one and started taking his own shirt off so as to put this new one on (before we bought it or I checked the size or even agreed to it). He was all about that red Thomas shirt. It was pretty funny.

The train ride was probably the biggest hit. And we were so lucky because though there was a 70% chance of rain the day that we were there, while we were outside it didn't rain once. Instead, it poured (very hard) once we were on the train and stopped by the time we were off. Now that is luck!

Here are some photos:

Working model trains.


Bouncing - Oliver loved this.

Ethan didn't love it quite as much, but tried it.

Collin wanted nothing at all to do with it. But here's a good photo of him in the shirt he ripped off the table when we first got there.

Looking out the window on the train ride.

Collin sat on my lap the entire time. He enjoyed it and didn't seem afraid in the least, but wanted to sit on my lap. So, this is the best photo we have of him... proving he went on a train ride.

Ethan and Oliver talking to Grandma Dee.

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