Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Play Doh fun... and drama

Yesterday Ethan was sick. Sick, sick, sick. And then sick some more. Almost 18 hours of "sick." He was miserable. In an effort to perk him up and put a smile on his face, I brought out the Play Doh yesterday afternoon (I stayed home). And you know, as horrible as he felt, Play Doh did put a smile on his face. I will never understand though, why something that brings such happiness and hours of enjoyment (for the child), also brings such loathing and days of cleaning (for the parent)... it gets everywhere! Why?!

Ethan, Collin and Oliver had a blast playing with it. The twins were molding Thomas the train characters, superheroes, and countless shape cut outs, as well as just free form molding, squeezing and picking. Ethan wanted his ice cream maker and set to work making all kinds of neat "treats." Therein lays the drama part... he called it ice cream and gave it to the twins... who only heard ice cream (they are still literal little beings)... and are still at an age where they put a lot into their mouths regardless... see where I am going here?

Happy Ethan, making ice cream concoctions....

Happy Oliver, at first pretending to eat said concoctions... then actually eating them...

"No Oliver. No eating the Play Doh" said mommy. "It's not Play Doh, it's ice cream!" Oliver says, with tears starting to roll out his eyes like I just rained on his parade...

"It's Play Doh honey. Let's make something fun, here look at this..." says mommy. "No, it's ice cream!" Oliver interrupts, throwing his head back in full on drama crying... "oh the injustice!"

Collin, upon hearing the conversation with Oliver, becomes saddened that he too cannot eat his "ice cream" and out comes the lip.
Sadly, I was happy. Not that they were upset, but that I got this drama on film. Usually when I run for the camera or video, just to record the face for memory sake (as all above are signature faces), they change to smiles magically as the camera is in front of them. This is the first time I captured either boy in full on drama. Other than that, the "show" was enough to make me want to let them eat it... but I did not.

Thus, Play Doh fun... and drama. It was quickly forgotten though, as we moved onto something else.

BTW, Ethan is feeling MUCH better tonight. However, suspicions tell us that Oliver has it now, but in a different form than Ethan... Children and gastrointestinal sicknesses are just no fun... poor little guy.


The Kothe Clan said...

I am glad to hear Ethan is feeling better. Those pictures are priceless. I always feel bad taking pictures or video when the kids are upset, but some day you can look back and laugh.

Gotfam said...

Not to sound weird - but I love the crying pictures! I love what children throw fits's so cute.

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