Sunday, January 3, 2010

The reluctant transition

The time had come. We knew it had to be done. We resisted. We denied. We drug our feet. We cried a little. And then we did it...

The twins are now in toddler beds. Okay, 'in' isn't exactly the right word because staying 'in' them is not really something they do. The issue was that they, now frequently, were also not staying in the cribs. At least in these the trip to the floor is shorter and less dangerous.

Steve had actually found one of these beds when Ethan was a baby, thinking it would someday be his. We never actually used it. He, unlike them, never got out of his crib. Instead, we moved him out of the crib at a little over 2 1/2 because his baby brothers were soon to come and we needed the cribs and the nursery. He, instead, went right into a whole new room and a twin bed and a lot of other new things.

When we found out we were having twins, knowing they would have to share a bedroom for some time, we kept the toddler bed assuming we could find another at some point (thanks to a fellow twin mom - I got the second). Right now, given the space and their ages, these are our best (and cheapest) option. I don't think we will redecorate their room from ABC's just yet, because I am not really sure how long they will be in these (Collin is in the 90% for height after all) and I would rather just wait until we pick a theme that they would love (they like firetrucks, but they don't love them). So, it's not Pottery Barn Kids in there, but I guess life isn't always about looks, sometimes it's about function (right Christine?).

And so the next chapter of twin fun begins... very easy access out of bed... no sleeping (as if they did before)... books everywhere... furniture bolted to the walls... hiding in closets and under beds... climbing up the walls... swinging from the curtains... meltdowns (okay, I might just be talking about us here)...

Ready or not, here we go!

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