Thursday, January 7, 2010

I like big lips and I cannot lie

Baby got lips.

(okay, if no one else, sometimes I just need to make myself laugh and maybe age myself with a silly rendition of an early '90's song.)
We have many different mouth driven noise making devices for Collin. The ones above are big ol' lips with a whistle device in them. You have to blow really hard to get the shrill-like sound it makes, but it is so fun that Collin loves to try. A lot of the time, however, he ends up making with his voice the sound he thinks the device will make because he has a really hard time either getting the right mouth grip on the item or blowing hard enough to make the sound... or both. His mouth muscles aren't that strong.

The plethora of whistles, blowers, recorders, etc. that we have all help develop the muscles in Collin's mouth. They help him learn to use these muscles in different ways that will help him when it comes to learning the process of saying words. This is one of the many things therapists (including ours) recommend for Apraxic children. What's nice is it is fun, which is motivating, too. Collin does struggle though to get a sound out of a lot of the devices, whereas Oliver and Ethan make our ears hurt. He continues to try though and that's all we can ask.

In the meantime... Baby got lips...

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