Saturday, January 16, 2010

He's a card carrier now...

Ethan got his first library card today. I know, I know... he should have had one already. It's not that he hasn't been to the library a billion times already. Sometimes time is not on our side, or maybe time management, or more likely my memory and mind (which I partially lost during my pregnancy with Ethan, with the remainder going bye, bye after the twins... does it come back... EVER?!). But he has one now and carried it proudly all day today through all our errands, never parting with it. And of course, we checked out a few new chapter books which he looked up on the on-line catalog. He told me tonight, "now I can get as many books as I want, whenever I want, all the time!"
Goofy face and all, proudly holding his new library card while he was searching for books in the on-line catalog.

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