Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snow! (and lessons learned)

I took the boys out in the snow a couple days ago. This is the first time this season and really the twins were not out much in it last year. Here are some things I learned:

It took me AN HOUR to get them all dressed to go out, we were out for FIVE MINUTES. No joking, they have layers of clothes on, then snow overalls, coat, hat and multiple attempts at gloves. By the time I would get one dressed, one of the twins was undressing themselves and then running from me giggling. Or there was the all dressed and then decide it's the perfect time for their morning poo (just telling it like it is). Of course this made getting myself ready quick, I was so hot and sweaty from getting them ready that I didn't need to bundle up.

Two year old toddlers do NOT like gloves. Will not wear them no matter how tight they are put on or how cold the snow is. Mental note: get working on non removable gloves for toddlers.

Two year old toddlers will CONTINUE to touch the snow with their bare hands even after the initial painful lesson. Seriously, non removable gloves for toddlers people... any ideas?

Five year old boys will eat anything (but what I want eaten) and two year old mini me will follow suit. Ethan decided to get a mouthful of snow to eat, so of course Oliver had to follow.

When two year old toddlers are over the snow, they are OVER the snow. I needed a second person to help me get them inside and undress them as I was not near quick enough for their liking. Gave me a whole new appreciation for the Jetson's suits - remember they just came on and off automatically. Hmmm....

Five year old boys, in some respects, are a lot less high maintenance. I'm liking five so far. Ethan was a great sport about me taking the twins in after just shy of five minutes (though I did warn him we would only be out for a very short time - since they refused gloves). He stayed out and had a blast, making angels, jumping on the trampoline covered with snow, filling sand buckets with snow, etc. It was so cute to watch him. I can't believe how quickly he is growing up and what a little boy he is becoming. It makes me proud and sad at the same time. However, like I remind him, he will always be my first little baby.

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The Kothe Clan said...

I can only imagine. I bet getting ready was another great example of a twin sweat moment!

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