Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Playing with Photoshop

I found a website a little while ago of a self taught photographer and on it she had some Photoshop actions that you could download, which I did. Now, some aren't working and I am not sure if it is the version of Photoshop I have or what. Some, however, do work and they really help a novice like me. She also walks you through some things step by step. I have only read a tiny bit of her website and know I need to find the time to dive in and read it all... and re-read and practice and practice. Her photography is really good just straight out of the camera and even more amazing once she has enhanced it.

The last couple days, I tried out some of the actions and skills on a few of my recent favorite photos (read: have been up way, way too late messing with them). Now, I should say I am not a complete virgin to Photoshop, but the work I do with it at work on product is much different than on people (plus my use of it is very minimal). Regardless, some of the things were really easy, some will take a lot of practice and 'an eye' (which between you and me, I'm not sure I have that said 'eye'). Below are some of the photos I messed with, which you will see that I altered them each to varying degrees. I am curious to know if anyone thinks they look better or if they look unnatural. If you view it large you can see my lack of blending which I still have to figure out how to do. I think...at the moment at least... I like them better. Maybe I just need to have them printed to see how they really look (something I need to do anyhow as it has been ages since I printed anything) and then know how much more of the finite details I need to work on (like the blending).

What do you think?

Ethan sticking his face in front of a blower at COSI.
Cropped, colored black and white and tried to blur Steve in the background:
Same (with minor color changes) but with Steve edited out and background blurred more:

Oliver intently coloring.
Slight crop, warmed color, crispier eyes and blurred the background (walls and back of highchair) - note that the blurring of his hands and arms is natural blur as I wasn't using a flash and he was moving fast:

Collin laying on the concrete floor in a picnic pavilion which was filthy dirty and hay on it.
Cropped, warmed, crisped eyes, blurred background and slight edge burn:

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Tricia said...

I think the pictures look great! Really love the one of Collin on the ground. Even if it was dirty...not as bad as JP eating dirty snow at the zoo and having a black face. should have gotten a pic of that.

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